A real marathon for off-road enthusiasts. 

The concept of TRANSGOTHICA is the purity of Gothic form combined with the adventure race covering a course of hundreds of kilometers.

Our aim is to create a sports and media event, that will bring satisfaction to competitors and the pure emotion of racing to observers.

TRANSGOTHICA will be based on the simple rule that, international teams will compete in two different classes: Cars or ATV and Bikes. Competitors will be tested on their driving skills and ability to navigate in the difficult terrain, whilst attempting to complete the special stage in record time. International teams will endure a high level of adrenaline, an interesting competition on the route, and in the service areas.

TRANSGOTHICA also presents "off-road" as a sport and/or a hobby. It will be supporting the 4x4 automotive industry, creating an attractive promotional stage for accessories and equipment related to the 4x4 industry.

We plan to connect TRANSGOTHICA with tourism based activites, to show worldwide the beauty of Poland in its natural and historical areas.

We hope to see you there!